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    1. CDH-50 Semi Automatic Facial Tissue Box Packing MachineThanks to the pneumatic control, our tissue box sealing machine is able to offer stable performance all the time. Moreover, it has a small footprint which means a lot of space is saved in your factory, and its key components are made from stainless steel to ensure overall product quality.
    1. CDH-236 Facial Tissue Box Packaging MachineDue to the implementation of programmable logic controller (PLC), our machine is able to finish paper feeding, box opening, paper filling and other operations automatically. In this regard, it is indeed a piece of fully automatic tissue box packing equipment.
    1. CDH-300 Automatic Facial Tissue Packing MachineAs a result of photoelectric detection and servo tracking, our tissue packaging machinery would stop feeding films automatically if there is no tissue to be packed. In this way, a lot of packing materials are saved.
    1. CDH-30 Semi Automatic Tissue Packing MachineThis plastic bag packing machine makes use of a leading-edge PLC to realize precise positioning, and processing parameters could be set or changed easily.
      Our paper handkerchief processing equipment is able to finish sealing operations in one step.
    1. CDH-180-4L Facial Tissue MachineOur facial tissue making machine automatically counts the number of tissue, and it carries out folding operation by vacuum absorption. On the other hand, the electrical controlled pneumatic system allows easy operation, and the stepless speed regulation mechanism makes this tissue converting machine applicable for raw paper with high or low tension.
    1. CDH-190-3L Facial Tissue MachineThanks to the PLC system and variable frequency drive, a lot of energy is saved during working. Moreover, this tissue converting equipment is outfitted with a horizontal unwinder and a pneumatic paper loader. In addition, our facial tissue machine fits for raw paper that has high or low tension.
    1. CDH-200-2 Facial Tissue MachineIt counts the number of paper automatically, and then outputs facial tissues on two lanes at the same time to facilitate following packaging process.
      With the help of helix cutter, paper is cut into different widths as requested
    1. CDH-200-6L Facial Tissue MachineWhen unwinding paper reels, the unwinding speed is adjusted in a stepless way, making this facial tissue cutting equipment applicable for paper with a wide range of tensions. Moreover, the folding process is conducted with the help of vacuum absorption.
    1. CDH-200-6N Facial Tissue MachineOwing to the implementation of independent servo control and tension control, our single color tissue machine runs smoothly all the time, and it will stop automatically when there is no paper to remind operators to change paper reels.
    1. CDH-150-S Log Saw for Facial TissueOur facial tissue cutting machine is outfitted with large-diameter cutter and leading-edge photoelectric detection system, whilst the precision cutting control technology means both cutting length and width are adjustable. In addition, the cut is smooth and beautiful.
    1. CDH-80 Toilet Roll Packing MachineOur toilet roll packing machine makes use of pneumatic control, and comes with conveyor belt which can automatically convey products to toilet roll wrapping machine. Stable and simple operation makes you feel at ease for toilet paper production.
    1. CDH-90 Toilet Roll Packing MachineIt is designed with dual film supporting mechanisms, allowing for rapid film replacement.
      Ultra large LCD with touch screen and human-machine interface make operation easier and more convenient.
    1. CDH-150 Log Saw for Toilet RollThis toilet roll cutting machine adopts photoelectrical detecting system and robust cutting blade, applicable for paper roll of large diameter.
      Each paper roll comes with smooth cutting surface without burrs.
    1. CDH-180J Paper Tube MachineIt is available for automatic online glue coating, paper tube rewinding and cutting.
      Inner diameter and length of finished product can be tailored.
      The finished paper tubes are widely applied to toilet paper, plastic film and textile industries.
    1. CDH-190 Jumbo Roll Slitter RewinderIt makes use of steel to steel embossing system and standalone air cylinder for easy control. Hence, paper layers are well integrated with artistic embossed pattern.
      Our toilet paper slitting machine is designed with horizontal unwinding stand
    1. CDH-1575 YD-E Automatic Toilet Paper Production LineIt enables automatic paper core changing and loading with no need for manual handling. After rewinding, it automatically discharges paper rolls and resets for next rewinding. Besides, core size adjusting can be completed within 1 minute.
    1. CDH-1575YQ Automatic Toilet Paper Production LineThe paper roll slitter rewinder is adjustable for perforating pitch to cater for different requirements of product length.
      Steel to rubber or steel to wool embossing is available by using different rollers.
    1. CDH-1575-E Fully Automatic Jumbo Roll Slitter RewinderThis full auto jumbo roll slitting and rewinding machine can slit one-ply roll paper into 2-ply, 3-ply or even 4-ply roll paper, and the finished product fit for producing multi-fold towel paper, napkin, box-packed facial tissue and other paper products.
    1. CDH-1575-YE Automatic Toilet Paper MachineThe toiler paper rewinder adopts advanced PLC, frequency converter, electric brake and touchable multi-screen human-machine interface. It is also configured with coreless rewinding system, making production more efficient.
    1. CDH-1575-GS Fully Automatic Kitchen Paper Towel MachineLarge-diameter steel embossing roller makes for clear embossing pattern, and PU embossing roller features excellent elasticity and long service life.
      This paper towel machine is designed with unique glue coating system
    1. CDH-N-3L N Fold Hand Towel MachineConvenient and healthful, the hand towel produced with our machine is widely used in hotels, offices and kitchens. Suitable for various kinds of base paper, the embossing and slitting paper towel equipment features high speed and trim paper delivery since the folding, slitting and counting can be completed by one-through operation.
    1. CDH-V-7L V-fold Hand Towel MachineThis range of product is provided with pneumatic paper feeding system. The pattern embossed is clear. Besides the fast speed, the quantity of the output can be adjusted.
      The hand towel processing equipment is very popular due to the simple
    1. CDH-200-400 Two Color Napkin MachineEnvironmental protection and high safety, this range of embossing napkin equipment has passed CE certification.
      Customized product with different patterns, or product with 2-colour printing system is available from us.
    1. CDH-201 Automatic Pocket Tissue Packing MachineThis range of product is full automatic, which has higher working efficiency and nicer appearance than the semi-automatic machine.
      The imported high-end accessories guarantee the stable operation and long service life.
    1. CDH-210 Mini Pocket Tissue MachineInnovatively designed, this range of product is provided with vacuum sorption device to fold the pocket tissue. Trim and fast, you can see an immediate improvement in your working efficiency.
      Upon request, we can install the colour ink printer
    1. CD-350 1~5 Pcs Baby Diaper Packing MachineOptional Device: Colorful touching screen
      Roller manufacture date printing device, adjustable bag-making device and electric eye automatically tracking device.
    1. CD-1575D Non Woven Slitter RewinderThe non-woven fabrics splitting machine is provided with pneumatic feeding system and tension control system. Meanwhile, the independent electric control cabinet conduces to convenient manual operation. The CD-1575D non woven slitter rewinder has nice appearance.
    1. CDH-3A Semi Auto Baby Diaper MachineThe CDH-3A semi auto baby diaper machine is able to make baby diapers of four different sizes by changing the cutting tool and gear box, thus meeting different customer demands.
    1. CDH-3N Automatic Baby Diaper MachineBy changing the cutting tool and gear box, the CDH-3N automatic baby diaper machine is capable of producing baby diapers of four different sizes, thus meeting different customer demands.
    1. CDH-400B1 Sanitary Napkin Making MachineThis paper converting machine can be used to produce ordinary type and ultra-thin type fluff pulp sanitary napkins as well as ultra-thin dust-free paper sanitary towels.
    1. CDH-500 Panty Liner Making MachineThe CDH-500 panty liner making machine boasts a high degree of automation, compact structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance.