Wet Wipe Machine & Paper Production Machine Manufacturer

Wet Wipe Machine & Paper Production Machine Manufacturer

Chuangda Machinery is the Chinese key manufacturer of tissue production machinery. We are engaged in manufacture and sales of fully automatic wet wipe machinery, wet wipe packing machine and paper product equipment. We offer an extensive catalog of products to meet the most demanding applications. Our product includes pocket tissue machine, napkin machine, facial tissue machine, paper towel machine, wet wipe packing machine, and auxiliary equipment etc. Based on ensured quality and impressive stability, our CE marked product has been highly approved by customers home and abroad. Moreover, we are also capable of proffering custom service to meet your specific application needs. Please feel free to contact us!

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Add.: No.118, Huajin Road, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China
Domestic Sales Hotline: +86-595-22461618

    1. CD-2008 5~20pcs Automatic Wet Wipe Machine

      Moreover, PLC (programmable logic controller) is utilized to control the whole wet wipe machinery. Our tissue production line is ruggedly designed to implement the entire production process from raw material to finished product in fast and clean manner.

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    1. CD-380 5-120pcs Automatic Wet Wipe Packing Machine

      We design this versatile wet wipe processing equipment with customer's profitability in mind. Therefore, this machine is able to produce 5 to 20pcs per pack or 30 to 120pcs per pack. The size diversity is sufficient to meet various application needs.

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    1. CD-2000 30~120pcs Automatic Wet Wipe Machine

      Double mixer delivers sufficient water supply and prolongs time length between refills.
      We adopt PLC and colorful touch-screen for ease of operation and setting.
      "Z" folding of our automatic wet wipe machine is applied to connected and unconnected pieces, and customers can make selection accordingly.

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    1. CD-2000II Automatic Wet Wipe Machine

      This wet wipe manufacture equipment is designed to perform all processes from raw material processing to finished product.
      Our nonwoven wet wipe processing machine is capable of folding, wetting, cutting and automatic transporting.

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    1. CD-160N Automatic Single Piece Wet Wipe Machine

      The empty packaging bags and the surplus material joints will be eliminated by this wipes packing machine automatically, saving the production time and labor cost.
      The auto width guiding system is also installed in our single piece

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    1. CD-150I Automatic Wet Wipe Machine (Box Packaging)

      Driven by variable frequency motor, the wipes making equipment runs smoothly. Moreover, it can also use the optional servo motor drive system to meet different demands of customers.
      Operated through the touch screen, our automatic wet wipe machine supports flexible adjustment of parameters.

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