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Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line

The CDH-1575YQ automatic toilet paper production line contains three main parts, including slitter rewinder, log saw and packing machine.

Slitter and Rewinder

A. Main Features
1. The paper roll slitter rewinder is adjustable for perforating pitch to cater for different requirements of product length.
2. Steel to rubber or steel to wool embossing is available by using different rollers.
3. Automatic core loading and replacing is realized with no need for manual handling. The rewinding machine will reset and rewind again after rewinded products are discharged. Paper core size can be adjusted within one minute.
4. Our automatic toilet paper production line enables edge trimming, glue spraying and bag sealing at one time. End products are reserved with 10-18mm paper end for usage convenience. At the same time, this machine helps to greatly cut down paper wastage and thereby reduces production cost.
5. This slitting and rewinding machine adopts PLC, human-machine interface and screen for parameter setting and fault display. Winding is tight at first and then loose to avoid separation of paper and core after long-term storage.
6. Three circular cutters are used, making for clear perforation, low noise and high cutting precision. Besides, gear box is designed with large adjusting range.
7. Two-ply unwinding stand, pneumatic paper loading mechanism and wide pneumatic feed belt are used by the automatic toilet paper production line.
8. Front and back inching switches are adopted for drawing raw paper, making operation safer and easier.
9. This toilet paper machine is capable of flexographic printing, featured by precise color register and clear pattern. This function can be tailored.
10. Thanks to composite glue coating, twp layers of paper can be tightly combined. This function is also customizable.

B. Technical Parameters
Width of raw paper 1500-2700mm
Diameter of raw paper Max. 1500mm
Inner diameter of raw paper core 76.2mm
Diameter of finished paper 90-140mm
Diameter of finished paper core 32-50mm
Perforating dot pitch 10-15mm
Perforating pitch 90-160mm
Rewinding speed 120-160m/min.
Parameter setting Touchable human-machine interface
Pneumatic system 3HP, above 5kg/cm2
Install power 15KW
Unwinding stand 2 or 3 pieces

Log Saw

A. Main Features
1. The toilet paper low saw is one of the most important parts for automatic toilet paper production line. It can greatly improve automation degree and production efficiency, characterized by robust design, artistic appearance, rapid cutting speed and smooth cutting surface.
2. Automatic cutter grinding system automatically performs regular blade lubrication.
3. Grinding wheels are capable of automatic adjustment based on blade abrasion degree.
4. Paper rolls are fed into toilet roll cutting machine by rewinder, and after cutting, they will be automatically discharged for next operation.
5. The automatic toilet paper production line will separate paper scraps from finished products.
6. Two clamping systems are designed respectively for toilet paper and kitchen towel, and the two systems are interchangeable within a short time.

B. Technical Parameters
Slitting length 1750mm
Outer diameter for slitting 105-115mm
Cutting length Customized (above 60mm)
Diameter of circular cutter 610mm
Speed 70-80 cuts/min.
Installed power 11KW
Machine dimension 5730*1720*1920mm(L*W*H)
Weight About 3.5T

Packing Machine

A. Main Features
1. The toilet roll packing machine enables automatic paper roll packaging, after which it conveys paper rolls into bags.
2. Each bag can be filled with 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 or 20 rolls in single-ply or double-ply arrangement.
3. After orderly arrangement, paper rolls will be pushed into bags under the action of air cylinder. Then, sealing is performed.
4. The packing machine adopted by automatic toilet paper production line is one-man operated.

B. Technical Parameters
Electrical source 220V, 50Hz
Main circuit power 0.74KW
Conveying and sealing power 0.45KW
Total power 1.19KW
Air pressure 0.4-0.5MPa
Machine size 6500*1200*1200mm(L*W*H)

Work Flow
The automatic toilet paper production line works in the following way:
Raw paper → pressing and polishing → perforating → flattening → rewinding → conveying to log saw → cutting → conveying to packing machine → wrapping → front and back sealing → discharging

Finished Product
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