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CDH-1575 YD-E

Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line

1. The CDH-1575 YD-E automatic toilet paper production line is specially designed for toilet paper converting. It enables automatic paper core changing and loading with no need for manual handling. After rewinding, it automatically discharges paper rolls and resets for next rewinding. Besides, core size adjusting can be completed within 1 minute.
2. This paper converting machine comes with mechanical arm for paper discharging, which has obtained patent. It also can discharge paper rolls with diameter of as small as 60mm.
3. One-time automatic edge trimming, glue spraying and bag sealing are available. This automatic toilet paper production line adopts advanced edge trimming and end gluing technology, leaving finished paper with 10-18mm paper end for usage convenience. As a result, paper waste is largely reduced and thereby production cost is decreased.
4. Thanks to the latest PLC, paper roll rewinding realizes rational tension adjustment, and thus separation of paper and core resulting from long-term storage won’t readily take place.
5. During high-speed operation, this toilet paper roll production line is capable of real-time raw paper monitoring to guarantee smooth production.
6. As our automatic toilet paper production line comes with coreless rewinding system, there is no need to use paper core for rewinding, thus, coreless paper roll is obtained. This also reduces labor cost and makes finished products more artistic.
7. Four circular cutters are used for clear perforation, producing small noise. Perforating pitch is controlled by gear box with large regulating range.
8. This toilet paper machine takes advantage of three-ply horizontal unwinding stand, pneumatic paper loading mechanism and wide pneumatic feed belt. Meanwhile, there is independent tension adjusting device for each paper roll.
9. Our automatic toilet paper production line utilizes point to point two-sided embossing system, and thus finished product comes with consistent surfaces, soft textile and artistic pattern. Besides, weight of finished product is accordingly reduced by more than 40%.
10. Two inching switches are adopted by the automatic toilet paper production line for raw paper handling, making for easy operation.

Technical Parameters
Finished roll diameter Φ60-150mm (Tension is adjustable.)
Finished paper core diameter Φ32-50mm
Raw paper diameter ≤Φ1100mm (Other sizes are available.)
Raw paper core diameter 3″ (76.2mm) (Other sizes are available.)
Perforating pitch 90-160mm (Pneumatically separating unit is optional.)
Perforating dot pitch 10-15mm
Rewinding speed 180-200m/min.
Packing speed 35-120bags/min.
Cutting speed 80-100cuts/min.
Center distance 192mm
Max. film width 450mm
Finished bag size (150-250) × 140mm (L×W×H)
Max. packing height 120mm
Parameter setting Touch button, LCD screen, operation panel
Programmable controller PLC
Mechanical drive Stepless gear box insuring length precision of finished product
Embossing roller Two sets, steel to rubber
Unwinding stand 3-ply
Pneumatic system 3 HP air compressor
Air pressure: 5kg/cm2 (provided by client)
Power 11KW
Machine size 9800×6200×2000 (L×W×H)
Weight 6800kg

Work Flow
Main work flow of our automatic toilet paper production line is as below:
Raw paper → pressing and polishing → perforating → flattening → rewinding → conveying to log saw → cutting → conveying to packing machine → wrapping → back sealing → front sealing → discharging

Finished Product
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