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Jumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder

Main features
1. The CDH-190 jumbo roll slitter rewinder utilizes pneumatic shaft for rewinding, thus making paper roll positioning more precise.
2. It makes use of steel to steel embossing system and standalone air cylinder for easy control. Hence, paper layers are well integrated with artistic embossed pattern.
3. Our jumbo roll slitting machine is designed with horizontal unwinding stand, pneumatic paper loading mechanism and pneumatic wide feed belt.
4. Standalone tension adjusting device is equipped for each roll of raw paper to reduce labor workload and ensure smooth operation.
5. Inching switches are used by our jumbo roll slitter rewinder, making for safe and reliable paper roll slitting rewinding.

Technical Parameters
Production speed 180-200m/min.
Max. width of raw paper 1750mm
Max. diameter of raw paper 1100mm
Max. diameter of finished product 400mm
Power 4KW
Machine size 6200*2600*1800mm(L*W*H)
Weight 2500kg

Working Flow
Manual paper tube positioning (on pneumatic shaft) → pneumatic jumbo roll loading → edge embossing → perforating→ slitting → flattening → rewinding → glue sealing → finished product

Finished Product
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