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Paper Tube Machine

Main Features
1. The CDH-180J paper tube machine takes advantage of frequency converter to ensure precise paper tube length.
2. It is available for automatic online glue coating, paper tube rewinding and cutting.
3. Inner diameter and length of finished product can be tailored.
4. The finished paper tubes are widely applied to toilet paper, plastic film and textile industries.
5. This paper tube machine boasts merits like rational design, easy operation and simple maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Power supply 380V, 50Hz
Installed power 4.1KW
Production speed 20m/min.
Stable production speed 15-18m/min.
Kraft paper width 50-70mm
Inner diameter of paper tube Ø25mm-Ø100mm (customized)
Roll layers 2-7 layers
Gram weight of raw paper 150-400g/m
Length of roll Adjustable (maximum length: 2.5m)
Defective percentage ≤2%
Machine size 3200×1100×1950mm (L×W×H)
Weight 1000kg

Work Flow
General work flow of our paper tube winding machine is as follows:
Kraft paper → paper feeding and gluing → rewinding → fixed length cutting

Finished Product
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