Toilet Paper Machine

    1. CDH-80 Toilet Roll Packing MachineOur toilet roll packing machine makes use of pneumatic control, and comes with conveyor belt which can automatically convey products to toilet roll wrapping machine. Stable and simple operation makes you feel at ease for toilet paper production.
    1. CDH-90 Toilet Roll Packing MachineIt is designed with dual film supporting mechanisms, allowing for rapid film replacement.
      Ultra large LCD with touch screen and human-machine interface make operation easier and more convenient.
    1. CDH-150 Log Saw for Toilet RollThis toilet roll cutting machine adopts photoelectrical detecting system and robust cutting blade, applicable for paper roll of large diameter.
      Each paper roll comes with smooth cutting surface without burrs.
    1. CDH-180J Paper Tube MachineIt is available for automatic online glue coating, paper tube rewinding and cutting.
      Inner diameter and length of finished product can be tailored.
      The finished paper tubes are widely applied to toilet paper, plastic film and textile industries.
    1. CDH-190 Jumbo Roll Slitter RewinderIt makes use of steel to steel embossing system and standalone air cylinder for easy control. Hence, paper layers are well integrated with artistic embossed pattern.
      Our toilet paper slitting machine is designed with horizontal unwinding stand
    1. CDH-1575 YD-E Automatic Toilet Paper Production LineIt enables automatic paper core changing and loading with no need for manual handling. After rewinding, it automatically discharges paper rolls and resets for next rewinding. Besides, core size adjusting can be completed within 1 minute.
    1. CDH-1575YQ Automatic Toilet Paper Production LineThe paper roll slitter rewinder is adjustable for perforating pitch to cater for different requirements of product length.
      Steel to rubber or steel to wool embossing is available by using different rollers.
    1. CDH-1575-E Fully Automatic Jumbo Roll Slitter RewinderThis full auto jumbo roll slitting and rewinding machine can slit one-ply roll paper into 2-ply, 3-ply or even 4-ply roll paper, and the finished product fit for producing multi-fold towel paper, napkin, box-packed facial tissue and other paper products.
    1. CDH-1575-YE Automatic Toilet Paper MachineThe toiler paper rewinder adopts advanced PLC, frequency converter, electric brake and touchable multi-screen human-machine interface. It is also configured with coreless rewinding system, making production more efficient.

CHUANGDA machinery is one of dominant toilet paper machine manufacturers in China. We mainly specialize in manufacturing toilet roll packing machine, log saw for toilet roll, paper tube machine, jumbo roll slitter rewinder, fully automatic jumbo roll slitter rewinder, automatic toilet paper machine, fully automatic kitchen paper towel machine and automatic toilet paper production line.

Boasting robust design, reliable quality and stable performance, our toilet paper machine is highly recognized by well-known brands, such as Chongqing ZHENAI, Tongling JIEYA, PULPLUS C.A., Capital Trade, Nice-Pak Products Inc., Best Machine, Black & White, Tainwala Personal Care Products Pvt. Ltd., etc.

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