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Log Saw for Toilet Roll

Overall Description
The CDH-150 log saw for toilet roll is specially designed for cutting toilet roll and kitchen paper in the process of toilet paper converting. In virtue of high cutting speed and stable performance, it has been widely used in the paper product manufacturing industry.

Main Features
1. This toilet roll cutting machine adopts photoelectrical detecting system and robust cutting blade, applicable for paper roll of large diameter.
2. Each paper roll comes with smooth cutting surface without burrs. Cutting length is accurate, and length of paper end (usually glued for usage convenience) can be set arbitrarily.
3. Automatic grinding system is used by our log saw for toilet roll, which means that cutting blade is ground by grinding wheel automatically.
4. Advanced servo drive system, PLC, touch screen, and frequency converter for speed regulation are utilized.
5. As pneumatic braking is adopted, service life of our toilet paper log saw is greatly extended.
6. Operation is more reliable and secure since safety door is configured.
7. Our machine is CE approved.

Technical Parameters
Paper roll length 1500mm-2700mm
Outer diameter of paper roll 90mm-110mm
Cutting length Variable
Machine speed 120 cuts/min., 2 rolls/cut
Operation speed 100 cuts/min., 2 rolls/cut
Outer diameter of circular cutter 610mm
Installed power Alternating current: 5 horsepower per machine
Frequency conversion 5 horsepower per machine
Alternating current 1/2 horsepower per machine, AC motor
Machine Size 5730*1720*1920mm (L*W*H)

Work Flow
Already rewinded toilet paper will be unloaded to 2 conveying belts of our log saw for toilet roll. Then, pushing bar pushes 2 paper rolls into clamping mould, and circular cutter begins rotary cutting after paper rolls are detected by dedicated detector. Hence, big paper rolls are cut into small rolls in required size.

Cuttings and paper scraps will be automatically separated from finished products. After cutting is completed, the log saw for toilet roll will stop working and the circular cutter will return to original position preparing for next cutting.

Finished Products
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