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Toilet Roll Packing Machine

Functional Features
1. The CDH-90 toilet roll packing machine comes with simple structure, small vibration, low noise, long service life, strong wear resistance and two frequency converters. It is user and maintenance friendly.
2. It is designed with dual film supporting mechanisms, allowing for rapid film replacement.
3. Ultra large LCD with touch screen and human-machine interface make operation easier and more convenient.
4. Stepless variable frequency speed regulation is available for this toilet paper machine. Thus, bag length and packing speed can be arbitrarily adjusted, and packing film is also saved.
5. Our toilet roll packing machine also adopts high-precision magic eye for automatic and reliable tracking. Therefore, correct sealing position is sound guaranteed.
6. Sealing temperature is independently controlled.
7. We also equip this toilet roll packer with code printer, and printing position can be freely set.
8. Our toilet paper roll wrapper is CE certified.
9. Pneumatic control system and conveying belt are adopted. Hence, the entire machine runs stably and reliably, providing artistic packaging.

Technical Parameters
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
General power 3.2KW
Motor power 0.4, 0.75KW
Packing speed 50-120 bags/min.
Finished bag size Diameter of paper roll: 90-120mm
Length: 90-180mm (It is adjustable, but needs to change model accordingly.)
Working noise ≤78dB
Qualification percentage for finished bag ≥97%
Sealing pressure 15 (Newton/mm2)
Max. film width 400mm
Packing film OPP, CPP
Packing film thickness 0.020mm-0.035mm
Machine size 5500×1005×1750mm (L×W×H)
Machine weight 900kg

Operation Process
This toilet roll packing machine can be coupled with toilet roll slitter rewinder. After paper rolls are conveyed to the packer, the packer will successively perform transverse and longitudinal sealing for single paper roll. Finally, you will get finished paper rolls with exquisite package.

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