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Fully Automatic Kitchen Paper Towel Machine

Main Features
1. The CDH-1575-GS fully automatic kitchen paper towel machine adopts automatic tension control system and variable-frequency motor, applicable for raw paper of different tension.
2. Large-diameter steel embossing roller makes for clear embossing pattern, and PU embossing roller features excellent elasticity and long service life.
3. This paper towel machine is designed with unique glue coating system, and colored glue can be used. Thus, finished paper comes with colorful pattern.
4. Four spiral perforating cutters are used, making for clear perforation. Meanwhile, this operation produces small noise.
5. Our fully automatic kitchen paper towel machine takes advantage of special leather conveying belt, characterized by low noise and tension adjustability.
6. The entire kitchen towel machine comes in wallboard structure, boasting high stability, less deformation, small vibration, high rigidity and long service life. Please contact us if you are interested in this fully automatic kitchen paper towel machine.

Main Technical Parameters
Electric source 380V, 50Hz, 3PH
Finished roll diameter 90-150mm
Finished roll core diameter Φ 48mm
Raw material diameter ≤Φ 1100mm (Other sizes can be customized.)
Raw Material Core Diameter 3" (76.2 mm) (Other sizes are available.)
Width of raw material 1750mm, only for producing kitchen paper roll
Gross weight of raw paper 19-25g/m2
Perforating pitch 105-160mm
Speed 120-150 meters/min.
Parameter setting Touch button LCD screen operation panel
Program controller Programmable controller (PLC)
Mechanism driving Synchronous belt drive
Embossing roller Polyurethane embossing roller
Embossing type Point to point
Color unit No
Lamination unit Yes
Paper storage rack One set
40 pieces shelves which can store 20 pieces of finished rolls
Raw paper roll holder 2
Power Variable frequency speed control, 32KW
Machine size 9500×3100×2200mm (L×W×H)
Weight 12000kg

Working Flow
Raw paper → automatic tension controlling → upper layer paper embossing → bottom layer paper gluing with color adhesive and embossing → laminating → punching holes → rewinding → glue sealing → conveying to the paper storage rack → conveying to the band sawing machine → cutting → discharging finished products (can be connected with automatic packing machine)

Finished Product
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