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Facial Tissue Machine

1. The CDH-190-3L facial tissue machine is able to automatically count the tissue quantity, and then it discharges finished tissues from 3 lanes.
2. Our 3-lane drawing type tissue machine uses helix cutter to fabricate tissues with various widths, and the folding process is implemented by vacuum absorption.
3. Thanks to the PLC system and variable frequency drive, a lot of energy is saved during working. Moreover, this tissue converting equipment is outfitted with a horizontal unwinder and a pneumatic paper loader. In addition, our facial tissue machine fits for raw paper that has high or low tension.

Optional Function
1. The embossing system offers clear pattern on tissues, and the pattern is decided by customer.
2. The two color printing system provides colorful images on tissues.

Technical Data
Motor power 3kW
Vacuum pump power 7.5kW (380V, 50Hz)
Production speed 60-100m/min × 3 lane
Unfolded tissue size (L×W) 190×(130-210)mm
Folded tissue size (L×W) 95×(130-210)mm
Paper reel size 650mm (other dimensions can be customized)
Machine weight 2000-2500kg
Machine size (L×W×H) 4100×1800×2100mm

Working Flow
Pneumatic paper feeding – unrolling – embossing – cutting – folding – discharging

Finished Facial Tissue
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