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Panty Liner Making Machine

Features of Panty Liner Making Machine
1. The CDH-500 panty liner making machine boasts a high degree of automation, compact structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance.
2. Expanded paper or cotton is used as the absorbent material.
2. The surface material is non-woven fabric or perforated PE film.
3. The size and embossing pattern of the panty liner can be changed by changing cutting tools and gear boxes.
4. Phase adjusting units are used in the key section of the panty liner making machine, so adjustment can be made during the production without stopping the machine.
5. Tri-folding panty liner can be made by this paper converting machine.
6. This panty liner making machine can be equipped with PLC control system and touch screen as per customer demand.
8. Raw material changing is completed via tension control.

Main Technical Parameters of Panty Liner Making Machine
Power supply 380V, 50Hz
Machine power 25kW (excluding glue machine)
Designed production speed 1000pcs/min
Stable production speed 600-800pcs/min
Product unfolding size (150-180)mm×(50-70)mm (L×W) mold size can be customized
Folding size adjustable
Shape Can be customized
Pattern Can be customized
Diversion trench Customized pattern design
Edge sealing pattern Can be customized
Defective rate ≤2% (excluding defectives caused by glue applicator's failure )
Machine size 10500×1160×1800mm (L×W×H)
Weight 10000kg
Finished panty liner
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