Wet Wipe Machine

We are the Chinese professional manufacturer of wet wipe machinery. We are highly dedicated to offering more versatile wet wipe production machine and auxiliary equipment to meet your specific application needs. Our wide product range covers wet wipe machine (5 to 30pcs, 5 to 120pcs), wet wipe folding machine (semi automatic or fully automatic 30 to 120pcs), fully automatic wet wipe machine (30 to 120pcs), automatic single piece wet wipe machine, four side seal wet wipe machine, film labeling machine for wet wipe packaging and wet wipe machine for box packaging. In addition to extensive product diversity, our product also shows the best in term of quality and durability. Our CE marked machine has been highly recognized in over 40 countries and regions including Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc. If you are in need of robust manufacture machine of tissue, dry paper, wet wipe, toilet paper, napkin and baby diaper, we are your best bet without the hassle!