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Automatic High Speed Single Piece Wet Wipe Machine

Detailed Product Description
This CD-251 automatic high speed single piece wet wipe machine is capable of making 250 to 300 packs of wipes every minute. The production efficiency is significantly improved. From the raw materials feeding to the finished product, all the procedures are finished automatically on this wipes converting machinery, which offers easy operation and stable performance.

Main Features
1. Controlled by the automatic servo motor, this single piece wet wipe machine accelerates its working speed greatly.
2. Our nonwoven wipes making machine supports automatic change of raw materials.
3. The length of the wet tissue can be adjusted directly on the machine without replacing accessories. This is an easy-operated process.
4. Due to the touch screen, operators can set the length of the packing bag and adjust the position of pictures on the packing bag easily. During this period, this wet tissue folding machine can keep running without affecting the production schedule.
5. Mounted with the electric differential device, our single piece wet wipe machine is capable of positioning the nonwoven fabric and the packaging bag in an inching way without stopping.

Technical Parameters
Electrical source 380V, 50Hz
Power 7kw
Designed production speed 300packs/min.
Stable production speed 200-250 packs/min.
Product size (unfolded) (120-260)×(150-200)mm (L×W)
Product size (folded) (60-130)×(50-80)mm (L×W)
Control system PLC control system, color touch screen, automatic servo motor
Suitable material Spunlace nonwoven fabric
Gross weight of raw material 40-80g/m2
Size of raw material (150-200) ×1000mm (W×D)
Suitable material PE/PET, PET/C, PP
Machine size 6600×1100×1800mm (L×W×H)

Working Flow

1. Making process
Unrolling the entire coil of nonwoven fabric→ longitudinal folding in N shape→ humidifying the wipes → adjusting the humidity of wipes→ cutting →folding wipes in V shape→ conveying the wet wipes to packing system.

2. Packing process
Unrolling packing film→ printing date on the film→ feeding the wet wipes into the formed bag →sealing the bag in the middle place → finishing the horizontal seals of the bag at both sides→ discharging finished products

Finished Products
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