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30~120pcs Automatic Wet Wipe Machine

CD-2000 30~120pcs automatic wet wipe machine is the versatile wet wipe production equipment designed to manufacture wet wipe in a fast and clean manner. This nonwoven wet wipe processing machine can perform all procedures from raw material processing to finished products, including raw material slitting, folding, wetting, cutting, counting, stacking, transporting and packaging.

Additionally, the folding unit and packaging unit of this automatic wet wipe machine are allowed to work either together or independently. As a result, customers avail from maximized utilization of machine and utmost productivity.

1. We design our tissue wrapper for production of 30 to 120pcs per pack wet wipes.
2. Thanks to automatic counting system and adjustable stacking system, customers are allowed to freely choose desirable piece content for each pack.
3. Automatic cycling system for wetting drastically reduces water consumption.
4. Double mixer delivers sufficient water supply and prolongs time length between refills.
5. We adopt PLC and colorful touch-screen for ease of operation and setting.
6. "Z" folding of our automatic wet wipe machine is applied to connected and unconnected pieces, and customers can make selection accordingly.

Technical specification
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Total power 20kW
Applicable material Spunlace nonwoven, hot melt nonwoven
Material gram weight 40 to 80g/m2
Single piece size (unfolded) (150 to 200) × (180 to 220)mm (L × W)
Single piece size (folded) (150 to 200) × (90 to 110)mm (L × W)
Finished product size (200 to 300) × (90 to 120) × (30 to 80)mm (L × W × H)
Folding rate 2200 to 2800pcs/min
Packaging rate 30 to 50 packs per min
Feeding size (1000 to 1500) × Ф(800 to 1200)mm (L × D)
Folding method “Z” folding with connected or unconnected pieces
Counting method Automatic counting and adjustable stacking system
Wetting and mixing system Double mixer 400L × 2
Controlling system PLC, colorful touch-screen
Machine dimension 18600 × 3500 × 2200mm (L × W × H)
Water tank size 2000 × 1100 × 1900mm (L × W × H)
Machine weight 9700kg
Independent pressure feeding after wipe formed for impressive stability

There are also various devices available such as adjustable bag forming device, corner inserting device, high precision color code, automatic tracking system, roller-type date printing device, punching unit, label sticking unite and optional label protection tape device.

In addition, the standard placement is to deploy our automatic wet wipe machine in line with packaging unit. However, the machine also can be placed 90° or parallel to packaging unit. Moreover, glue machine can be applied to connect piles.

Slitting raw material → N folding → wetting → cutting → stacking → transporting to packaging unit → wrapping wet wipes → middle sealing → ends sealing and cutting → finished product output

Finished product
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