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Facial Tissue Machine

1. The CDH-200-6L facial tissue machine makes use of helix cutter to process tissues into different widths, thus perfectly meeting different requirements of consumers.
2. This drawing type tissue making machine is designed to count the number of paper automatically, and finished tissues are discharged from all lanes simultaneously. So, it is very convenient to pack finished tissues.
3. When unwinding paper reels, the unwinding speed is adjusted in a stepless way, making this facial tissue cutting equipment applicable for paper with a wide range of tensions. Moreover, the folding process is conducted with the help of vacuum absorption.
4. Our facial tissue machine is outfitted with a PLC system to achieve easy operation, and the variable frequency drive saves a lot of energy. The horizontal unwinder and pneumatic paper loader help operators out from heavy work.
5. The embossing system is designed to make beautiful embossed patterns on tissues, and the pattern style is determined by customer.
6. The electrical components conform to our factory standard, and most of them are made in China.

Owing to the abovementioned properties, our facial tissue machine is especially suitable for new comers in this industry.

Technical Data
Power supply 380V/50Hz/3Ph
Motor power About 20kW
Vacuum pump power 22kW
Unfolded tissue size (L×W) 190×(180-220)mm
Production speed 80-90m/min
Paper reel diameter Max. 1200mm
Paper reel width 1140-1320mm
Paper reel core diameter 76mm
Sheet counter Shifting fork
Cutter quantity 6 pieces/set
Air pressure 10kg/m2
Embossing unit Edge embossing roller (steel to steel)
Machine size (L×W×H) 8010×2300×2600mm
Machine weight About 9000kg

Working Flow
Pneumatic paper feeding – unrolling – embossing – printing - cutting – folding – discharging

Finished Facial Tissue
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