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Facial Tissue Machine

The CDH-200-2 facial tissue machine is a 2-lane box-drawing type tissue machine. It counts the number of paper automatically, and then outputs facial tissues on two lanes at the same time to facilitate following packaging process.

With the help of helix cutter, paper is cut into different widths as requested, and vacuum absorption is utilized for folding operation. As for unwinding paper reels, stepless speed regulation technique is adopted, making our facial tissue making machine fit for paper with either high or low tension. In addition, this facial tissue machine is easy to operate due to the pneumatic system.

Optional Function
1. The embossing system, if installed on request, will create clear patterns.
2. The two color printing system, if installed on request, will offer colorful images.

Technical Data
Motor power 2.2kW
Vacuum pump power 5.5kW (380V, 50Hz)
Production speed 60-100m/min × 2 lane
Unfolded tissue size (L×W) 200×(130-210)mm
Folded tissue size (L×W) 100×(130-210)mm
Paper reel size 420mm (other dimensions can be customized)
Machine weight 1800kg
Machine size ( L×W×H) 4100×1800×2100mm

Working Flow
Pneumatic paper feeding – unrolling – embossing – cutting – folding – discharging

Finished Facial Tissue
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