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Semi Automatic Tissue Packing Machine

The CDH-30 semi automatic tissue packing machine is designed to pack tissues into bags automatically, and it can be connected to upstream equipment directly to conduct continuous packaging, thereby saving a lot of time.

1. This plastic bag packing machine makes use of a leading-edge PLC to realize precise positioning, and processing parameters could be set or changed easily.
2. Our paper handkerchief processing equipment is able to finish sealing operations in one step. So, working efficiency is enhanced, and production cost is reduced at the same time. On the other hand, this machine allows simple manipulation that can be mastered by operators easily, and the sealed tissue bags share a uniform appearance.
3. For our tissue packing machine, main parts of the control system are introduced from other countries to ensure their performance, while other parts are all high quality components that are in accordance with national standards. Hence, this facial tissue machine provides reliable sealing performance as expected, and its service life is also prolonged.

Technical Data of Semi Automatic Tissue Packing Machine
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Total power 0.4kW
Packaging speed 10-15 bags/min
Air pressure 0.5MPa (prepared by client)
Packing size (130-210) × (95-100) × (50-95) mm
Machine size 2500×900×1300mm

Working Flow
1. Put paper at the front side of paper feeding cylinder.
2. Put packing bag to discharge port.
3. Press the start button.
4. Paper is pushed into bags pneumatically.
5. Automatically seal and cut the bag.

Finished Tissue Bag
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