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Facial Tissue Box Packing Machine

The CDH-236 facial tissue box packing machine is a preferred auxiliary device when manufacturing facial tissues, and it conforms to CE standard.

1. Our tissue box sealing machine has a simple yet stylish look, and it consumes less power, thus perfectly meeting the requirements of energy conservation. Moreover, it is mainly constructed from stainless steel to deliver eco-friendly performance.
2. Due to the implementation of programmable logic controller (PLC), our machine is able to finish paper feeding, box opening, paper filling and other operations automatically. In this regard, it is indeed a piece of fully automatic tissue box packing equipment.
3. The facial tissue box packaging machine provides stable sealing and packaging performance in a highly efficient way, and the operation is very simple.
4. As a cost-effective paper product packing machine, our product exhibits a very high production speed, which could reach up to 30 boxes/min under stable working condition. More importantly, it is capable of dealing with various tissue boxes, and it only takes 10-20 minutes to adjust settings to make our machine suitable to process paper tissue boxes with other specifications.
5. Our facial tissue box packaging machine is a cheap product, and it only takes up a small floor area.

Technical Data
Box size (adjustable) (100-240) × (100-120) × (50-110) mm
Box type Paper box (350-400g/m2)
Adhesive Hot melt glue
Container for adhesive Aluminum stove (temperature adjustable)
Control system Electromagnetic clutch for paper feeding (PLC)
Production speed 25-30 boxes/min
Installed power Motor: 0.75kW (AC 380V/50Hz)
Heating: 2.4kW
Air pressure 0.6MPa
(It is prepared by the purchaser, and must be absolutely stable.)
Machine size 2690×1800×1770mm
Machine weight 1500kg

Working Flow
Automatic paper feeding – box opening – paper filling – adhesive spraying – sealing – end product

Finished Facial Tissue Box
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