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Log Saw for Facial Tissue

As indicated by its name, the CDH-150-S log saw is an automatic drawing type facial tissue slitter, and it could work together with automatic tissue packing machine to form a fully automatic tissue production line.

1. Our facial tissue cutting machine is outfitted with large-diameter cutter and leading-edge photoelectric detection system, whilst the precision cutting control technology means both cutting length and width are adjustable. In addition, the cut is smooth and beautiful.
2. The cutting system adopts optimized design, and it has a knife sharpening system which uses a grinding wheel to automatically sharpen the cutter on the basis of actual working time.
3. The facial tissue slitting machine adopts variable frequency drive to control working speed, while the cutting length, knife grinding interval and grinding time could be set or adjusted easily on the screen.

Technical Data of CDH-150-S Log Saw
Power supply 380V/50Hz/3Ph
Cutting speed 50~60 cuts/min
Suitable range Facial tissue
Power consumption 2kW
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Outer diameter of circular cutter 610mm
Machine size (L×W×H) 5580×1300×2010mm
Machine weight 980kg

Working Flow
1. Put facial tissues to be cut on the conveyor belt.
2. These tissues are transported to cutting position automatically.
3. Cut tissues into desired size.
4. Discharge finished tissues.
5. Worker move these tissues to packing machine manually to pack them in boxes or bags. If you have an automatic facial tissue packing machine, you can connect this log saw to the packing machine to realize automatic production.

Finished Facial Tissue
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