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Semi Automatic Facial Tissue Box Packing Machine

The CDH-50 semi automatic facial tissue box packing machine has a self-explanatory name that well illustrates what it is used for, namely to package facial tissues into boxes in a semi automatic way.

Thanks to the pneumatic control, our tissue box sealing machine is able to offer stable performance all the time. Moreover, it has a small footprint which means a lot of space is saved in your factory, and its key components are made from stainless steel to ensure overall product quality.

Our tissue box packaging line automatically controls the production process, and the operation is quite simple and convenient. Aside from facial tissues, the facial tissue box packing machine could seal and package paper biscuit boxes as well.

In general, this paper product packing equipment is a cost-effective machine that is exceptional suitable for new comers in this field.

Technical Data
Production speed 50-60 boxes/min
Box size (L×W×H) (220-240) × (70-150) × (45-120) mm
Machine power 2.4kW (220V/50Hz)
Gas supply 0.4MPa, 0.3m3/min
Machine size (L×W×H) 1440×850×1500mm
Weight About 400kg

Working Flow
Non-sealed paper boxes should be prepared in advance, and workers are required to put facial tissues into paper boxes manually. Then, place these boxes on the conveyor flatly, and our facial tissue box packing machine will automatically seal these boxes to provide finished tissue boxes.

Finished Facial Tissue Box
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