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Sanitary Napkin Making Machine

Capable of making sanitary towels of different sizes, the CDH-400B1 sanitary napkin making machine uses the main drive of connected No.45 hardened and tempered steel shaft, universal joint coupling, and right angle gear box. The components are driven by synchronous belts and gears. The main pressing and cutting roller is driven by a universal joint coupling and it is easy to operate with the service life of cutting tools ensured. The bearings, synchronous belts and electrical components are all introduced from renowned suppliers in China.

Features of Sanitary Napkin Making Machine
1. This paper converting machine can be used to produce ordinary type and ultra-thin type fluff pulp sanitary napkins as well as ultra-thin dust-free paper sanitary towels.
2. The fluff pulp is distributed through a pulp-collecting box and then wrapped with wet strength paper.
3. Interrupted or adjustable sap spraying is selectable.
4. There is an easy-to-tear tape sealing device for independent packing.
5. The napkin size and shape can be specified by customers.
6. Diversion trench shape can be customized.
7. If requested, a cutting and dotting device for 3-piece type solid shield apron and blue core piece or flow conducting cloth can be supplied.
8. This sanitary pad making machine can be attached with a stacker as required.

Main Technical Parameters of Sanitary Napkin Making Machine
Power supply 380V 50Hz, four wire three phase + earth wire
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa (supplied by the buyer)
Product size a). Daily sanitary napkin: 210-260mm (Length)
b). Overnight sanitary napkin: 260-320mm (Length)
Installed power About 100kW (not including glue applicators)
Stable production speed 350-400 pcs/min
Operating rate ≥97%
Yield ≥85%
Machine dimensions 23000×2000×2600 (L×W×H)
Weight About 21000kg
Finished sanitary napkin
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