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Semi Auto Baby Diaper Machine

The CDH-3A semi auto baby diaper machine is able to make baby diapers of four different sizes by changing the cutting tool and gear box, thus meeting different customer demands. Controlled by PLC, this paper converting machine is easy to operate and it runs stably.

1. The frame of this baby diaper machine is made from quality square steel.
2. There are safety protection devices.
3. A touch screen is used for the control of this disposable diaper machine.
4. A hammer crusher is used to crush untreated pulp, semi-treated pulp and treated pulp.
5. The obtained baby diaper comes with elastic waist.

Main Technical Parameters
Power supply 380V, 50Hz
Installed power 130kW
Designed production speed 400 pcs/min
Stable production speed 250-350 pcs/min
Baby diaper size a) XL (510-520)×330mm
b) L (470-480)×320mm
c) M (430-440)×320mm
d) S (380-390)×280mm (customized)
Defective rate ≤2% (excluding defectives caused by glue applicator's failure)
Machine size 20000×1600×3100 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 25000kg
Finished baby diaper
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