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Semi Automatic Wet Wipe Machine (Box Packaging)

Main Feature
1. This CD-150 semi automatic wet wipe machine (box packaging) adopts the pneumatic feeding system, lightening the workload of operators.
2. By modulating the slitting blade, our wipes box packing equipment allows users to adjusting the slitting dimension easily to meet specific demands.
3. This semi automatic tissue converting machine needs workers to discharge the finished products after rewinding, and to push the button for next operation.
4. Our semi automatic wet wipe machine shows high cost performance and it is suitable for the customers who step into this field lately.

Technical Parameters
Electrical source 380V, 50Hz
Total power 3kw
Production speed 80m/min.
Maximum size of finished wet tissue roll Ф120mm× W (adjustable length)
Hole punching length 120-220mm
Suitable materials Spunlace nonwoven fabric, wet strengthened paper
Gross weight of raw material 20-75g/m2
Raw material size Ф1000×1500mm (Ф×W)
Feeding system Pneumatic material feeding system
Weight of machine 1000kg
Machine size 2700×2000×1300mm (L×W×H)

Working Flow
Slitting raw material → punching holes → rewinding → manual discharging of finished products

Finished Products

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