1-2pcs Wet Wipe Machine

    1. CD-160 Automatic Single Piece Wet Wipe MachineThis automatic paper converting machine selects the electric differential device to modulate the position of wet pipe and packaging bag smoothly. In this process, it is needless to stop the machine so that the production schedule will be not disorganized.
    1. CD-160II 1~2pcs Automatic Wet Wipe MachineThere is an electric differential device mounted in our wet wipe equipment for positioning the wet tissue and packaging bag. During this process, this paper converting machine needs no stop at all so that the production schedule keeps normally.
    1. CD-160N Automatic Single Piece Wet Wipe Machine

      The empty packaging bags and the surplus material joints will be eliminated by this wipes packing machine automatically, saving the production time and labor cost.
      The auto width guiding system is also installed in our single piece

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    1. CD-251 Automatic High Speed Single Piece Wet Wipe MachineDue to the touch screen, operators can set the length of the packing bag and adjust the position of pictures on the packing bag easily. During this period, this wet tissue folding machine can keep running without affecting the production schedule.

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