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5-120pcs Automatic Wet Wipe Packing Machine

1. CD-380 5-120pcs automatic wet wipe packing machine is characterized by colorful touch-screen. This controlling device permits direct setting of product length, punching placement and label placement. As a result, customers are benefiting from minimized possibility of human error and mechanical defects.
2. We utilize servomotor to drive this wrapping equipment, so as to offer more stable performance, less noise generation, larger production rate and higher precision.
3. This wet wipe manufacture machine employs a printer, allowing to print production date and code.
4. With the aid of fixed bag forming device, customers can make product size arrangement in a fast and easy manner.
5. Our automatic wet wipe packing machine also involves the use of corner inserting device in order to offer more beautiful appearance.
6. We design this versatile wet wipe processing equipment with customer’s profitability in mind. Therefore, this machine is able to produce 5 to 20pcs per pack or 30 to 120pcs per pack. The size diversity is sufficient to meet various application needs. Moreover, it is compatible with different folding unit, thus making our automatic wet wipe packing machine a wise investment.

Label protection tape device

Technical specification
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Power 11kW
Production rate 30 to 80 packs per min
Product size (unfolded) (180 to 300) × (90 to 120) × (30 to 80)mm or (140 to 220) × (70 to 100) × (10 to 30)mm (L × W × H) (Die change required)
Controlling system Adjustable motion control system, PLC, colorful touch-screen
Applicable material OPP/PE, PET/PE
Package method Reciprocating packaging unit with corner inserting device (optional hanger making device)
Machine weight 1900kg
Machine dimension 5280 × 1300 × 2000mm (L × W × H)

Film package feeding → production date printing → punching → sticking label → sticking label protection tape → conveying unit → packaging unit → ends sealing and cutting → finished product output

Finished product
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