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5-30pcs Fully Automatic Wet Wipe Machine

1. CD-2008II 5-30pcs fully automatic wet wipe machine is fitted with two manufacture lines, thus maximizing productivity.
2. This wet wipe production equipment employs guider and servomotor. The guider ensures raw materials to be transported on track. The servomotor promotes machine speed and reduces noise production.
3. Automatic tension controlling system is adopted for this nonwoven wipe machine.
4. Raw materials are driven by pneumatic drive.
5. Length of wet wipe is customizable to meet your specific needs.
6. The stacking unit of this automatic packing machine is equipped with rollers to speed up production rate and bypass material jamming.

Technical specification
Power supply 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase
Total power 20kW
Applicable material Spunlace nonwoven, cotton
Material gram weight 40 to 60gsm
Feeding size (320 to 440) × Ф1200mm (W × D)
Single piece size (unfolded) (160 to 220) × (160 to 220)mm (L × W)
Single piece size (folded) (85 to 110) × (65 to 75)mm (L × W)
Theoretical production rate 1000pcs/min
Practical production rate 800pcs/min
Folding method Z folding, ZZ folding, and then V folding
Counting method Automatic counting with adjustable content to each pack
Raw material (nonwoven) Guiding system
Package size 5 to 30pcs/pack
Finished product size (140 to 180) × (70 to 90) × (10 to 50)mm (L × W × H)
Theoretical packaging rate 80 packs per min
Practical packaging rate 10pcs/pack: 70 to 80 packs per min
20pcs/pack: 35 to 40 packs per min
Wetting system Double water tanks with mixer
Water tank size 2000 × 1100 × 1900mm (L × W × H)
Packaging unit function Automatic punching, corner inserting, hanger making
Package material PE&PET, OPP&PE
Controlling system PLC, touch screen
Machine dimension 11000 × 1200 × 2000mm (L × W × H)
Machine weight 8000kg
Qualification rate >=95%
Defect rate <=2%

Switching on this fully automatic wet wipe machine with two production lines running → folding raw material → wetting → cutting to desirable size → stacking and counting → automatic product transport →dislocation transport → packaging unit → feeding wet wipes and forming bag → middle sealing → ends sealing → finished product output

Finished product
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