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5~20pcs Automatic Wet Wipe Machine

CD-2008 5~20pcs automatic wet wipe machine is highly renowned for ease of operation and impressive durability. We adopt 304 stainless steel for all the devices that being contact with liquid to offer remarkable resistance.

Moreover, PLC (programmable logic controller) is utilized to control the whole wet wipe machinery. Our tissue production line is ruggedly designed to implement the entire production process from raw material to finished product in fast and clean manner.

1. The finished product is neat and small for easy carrying.
2. Stacking unit involves the use of servomotor to deliver fast stacking speed.
3. Folding unit is driven by variable-frequency drive, allowing for adjustable motor speed.
4. This automatic wet wipe machine is fitted with touch-screen for convenient adjustment.
5. Packaging unit is compatible with stepper motor or servomotor. Customers are allowed to make selection accordingly.

Technical specification
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Power 12kW (folding unit: 6kW, packaging unit: 6kW)
Feeding size (160 to 220) × Ф1000mm (W × D)
Special structure Stainless steel housing
Applicable material Spunlace nonwoven, hot melt nonwoven
Material gram weight 40 to 80g/m2
Single piece size (unfolded) (160 to 220) × (160 to 220)mm (L × W)
Single piece size (folded) (80 to 110) × (65 to 75)mm (L × W)
Folding rate 200 to 300pcs/min
Folding method Z folding, ZZ folding, and then V folding 
Counting method Automatic counting system
Package size (140 to 180) × (70 to 90) × (10 to 30)mm (L × W × H)
Packaging rate 20 to 40 packs per min
Other units Punching unit, labeling unit, roller-type date printing unit
Controlling system PLC, colorful touch-screen
Machine dimension 7900 × 1100 × 2200mm (L × W × H)
Water tank size 1000 × 1000 × 1900mm (L × W × H)
Machine weight 4800 kg

Folding raw material → wetting → cutting to desirable size → stacking and counting → automatically transporting to packing unit → feeding wet wipes and forming bag → middle sealing → end sealing → finished products output

Finished product
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