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Mini Pocket Tissue Machine

The CDH-210 mini pocket tissue machine is generally used for producing colored pocket tissue with exquisite embossing. Innovatively designed, this range of product is provided with vacuum sorption device to fold the pocket tissue. Trim and fast, you can see an immediate improvement in your working efficiency.

Upon request, we can install the colour ink printer on the tissue shaping machine to produce high-end product. This machine is the best choice for the client who is willing to engage in tissue manufacturing industry.

1. The base paper rack is produced with tension control device for the unwinding of the mini pocket tissue. So, the CDH-210 mini pocket tissue machine is applicable for base paper with different tensions.
2. Manufactured with reliable folding device, the uniform shaping of the product can be realized.
3. The pattern printed on the tissue is quite clear.
4. Bespoke mini embossed pocket tissue machine is available from us.

1. Minimum floor space requirement and simple operation, this mini color printed pocket tissue processing equipment is an ideal choice for manufacturing tissues.
2. To provide more choice to our clients, we can manufacture the CDH-210 mini pocket tissue machine with different folding modes and the different printing colors.

Main Technical Parameter
Power 1.5kW (380V,50Hz)
Power of Vacuum Draught Fan 3.0kW (380V,50Hz)
Unfolded Size of Tissue 210×210mm
Max. Diameter of Paper Roll 1100mm
Tissue Size 150-210mm
Production Speed 400-500pcs /min
Overall Dimensions 3000×900×1500mm (L×W×H)
Weight 1000kg

Process Flow
The base paper shall be embossed, folded and cut in sequence. Upon the compliment of the said procedures, the portable tissue with small volume is obtained.

Finished Product
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