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Automatic Pocket Tissue Packing Machine

The CDH-201 automatic pocket tissue packing machine can be used for packing standard handkerchief, mini handkerchief, or other object with regular and rectangular shape.

1. Engineered with fast speed and stable performance, the operation of the pocket tissue packing equipment is quite convenient and easy.
2. Provided with PLC control system, the product can be controlled through the operation on the touch screen.
3. The high-precision Omron photoelectric follow-up is equipped with the CDH-201 automatic pocket tissue packing machine.
4. The drive system is under the control of frequency conversion. Additionally, the cycle orientation is controlled by the precise scale division device.
5. Manufactured with automatic oiling lubrication system, the service life of the pocket tissue making machine is greatly prolonged.
6. Benefited from the special anti-static technology, the performance of the machine is more stable.
7. The temperature can be adjusted at will due to the intelligent temperature control system.
8. The plastic sticker is stamped on the packaging film simultaneously. Additionally, different punching systems can be provided upon request.
9. A printer can be installed on the CDH-201 automatic pocket tissue packing machine to print the date of manufacture and batch number of the product on the packaging automatically. The position of the character can be adjusted.
10. The sticker is automatically prepared by the non-setting adhesive equipment, which contributes to the low labor cost.

1. This range of product is full automatic, which has higher working efficiency and nicer appearance than the semi-automatic machine.
2. The imported high-end accessories guarantee the stable operation and long service life.
3. Provided with touch screen, the operation of the CDH-201 automatic pocket tissue packing machine is simple and reliable.
4. Putting the pocket tissue on the transmission rack, the packing and label printing can be completed automatically.

Main Technical Parameters
Packaging Size (70-110)×(50-55)×(18-28 )mm (L×W×H)
Size of Packaging Film Depending on the size of the pocket tissue
Packaging Speed 25-90packs/min
Overall Dimensions 2940×2650×1720mm (L×W×H)
Air Pressure ≥0.5Mpa
Weight 1600kg
Film Material CPP, PE, PE/CPP
Power Supply 380V 50Hz

Working Flow
Material feeding---Mould entering---Packing film covering---Cutting---Sealing---Labeling---Date printing---Output

Finished Product
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