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Sustainable Development

Adhering to the principle of energy conservation and environmental protection, Chuanda Machinery has always been pursuing sustainable development of both our own company and our customers.


In 2008
We enlarged our machining workshop and introduced several CNC machining centers. The enlarged machining workshop helped increase our components processing capacity.

In 2009
Our company expanded the warehouse and increased component stock to meet the requirements of daily production and after-sales maintenance.

In the year of 2011
New office building was under construction to improve the working environment of our employees.

In 2012
A new plant was under planning and designing.

Paper Machine Improvement
1. Besides assuring quality, we optimize our machine structure to make it smaller in size. Thus our paper machine will occupy less space and help increase the space use ratio of the workshop.
2. Through improving the transmission mechanism, we make our machine produce lower noises when working. Our low-noise machine will also help improve the working environment of our customers.
3. We try to lower the running power of our machine so as to reduce its power consumption by improving mechanical structure design and adapting proper materials.
4. Our paper machines are equipped with water circulation system to make full use of water resources.
5. We have kept improving production technology, increasing production efficiency and enhancing production stability to meet the needs of our customers.