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Research and Development

Our company has an excellent design and technical team composed of professional mechanical engineers, electrics programming engineers and staff in possession of CAD drawing technology. Oriented to domestic and foreign markets, our technical team will make multifunctional and highly automatic wet wipe machines and paper machineries for our customers.

Chuangda Machinery attaches great importance to the relearning and self-improvement of our engineers. We regularly invite professional training institutions to give technical training. Besides, we have internal training very often. Through analyzing the problems occurring to our products, the engineers have kept improving their own ability to design products suitable for market demand.

In order to improve the performance of our paper machinery and make them more appealing, our engineers will exchange ideas with engineers in other industries and learn from the advantages of other similar companies.

In addition, Chuangda Machinery assigns engineers to go to customer’s factory to design individualized automatic machines according to the special needs of the customers.

In the year of 2011, we successfully developed the fully automatic baby wet wipe machine with 80 nonwoven holders as per the requirement of  Korean customer. Cooperating with the APP Company in 2012, we have developed the new high-speed 20pcs wet wipe machine. In the same year, based on the requirement of an Egyptian customer, the six lanes facial tissue machines and ten lanes facial tissue machines came into being. The new wet wipe machines and facial tissue machines adopted design technologies approaching the technology level of Japanese and German machine manufacturers.