5~30pcs Wet Wipe Machine

    1. CD-320 5~30pcs Wet Wipe Packing MachineWe design this wet wipe packing machine with our customer’s profitability in mind. This tissue packing equipment adopts servomotor, thus offering more extraordinary operation stability, lower noise level, faster speed and more accurate cutting.
    1. CD-2008 5~20pcs Automatic Wet Wipe Machine

      Moreover, PLC (programmable logic controller) is utilized to control the whole wet wipe machinery. Our tissue production line is ruggedly designed to implement the entire production process from raw material to finished product in fast and clean manner.

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    1. CD-2030 5~30pcs Semi Automatic Wet Wipe MachineOur tissue processing device is characterized by ease of operation, remarkable productivity and considerable stability. The parts that being contact with liquid are all made up with 304 stainless steel to offer exceptional resistance and cleanness.

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