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5~30pcs Wet Wipe Packing Machine

CD-320 5~30pcs wet wipe packing machine has been proved to be the tool of choice, because this pillow type packing machine provides following advantages.

1. Touch-screen control
We utilize touch-screen for fast and easy setting of bag length, punching placement and labeling placement. Therefore, there is no need for commissioning or mechanical adjustment. As a result, customer benefit from drastically reduced material cost and possibility of human error.

2. Servomotor
We design this wet wipe packing machine with our customer’s profitability in mind. This tissue packing equipment adopts servomotor, thus offering more extraordinary operation stability, lower noise level, faster speed and more accurate cutting.

3. Capability
This wet wipe wrapper is able to print production date and code, which minimizes cost. Thanks to fixed bag making device, customers are provided with ease of operation and aesthetic bag appearance. Moreover, label protection tape is also available for customers to identify whether the label has been torn.

Technical specification
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Power 6kW
Production rate 5-30pcs per bag
Max. package size Ф400 × 320mm
Finished product size (140 to 220) × (70 to 100) × (10 to 30)mm (L × W × H)
Machine dimension 3600 × 1000 × 2100mm (L × W × H)
Machine weight 1300kg

Film package → printing date → punching → sticking big label → sticking label protection tape → film package transporting → feeding on the convey belt → packing unit → middle sealing → horizontal sealing and cutting → finished product output

Finished product
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