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Two Color Napkin Machine

Compared with traditional equipment, the CDH-200-400 two color napkin machine can print the image, enterprise emblem, icon and telephone number on the napkin in 1-2 colors. This range of napkin processing machine is an ideal choice for you to manufacture top-grade embossing napkin.

Being more competitive, the napkin produced with specially designed color and pattern is widely applied for home party, classmate reunion, birthday party, and wedding dinner. Moreover, product manufactured with high-grade printing napkin machine is capable of bringing individuality to life due to the diversified patterns, congratulations, and poems printed on it. Various kinds of napkins for different applications can be seen in the kitchens and supermarkets. At the same time, companies offering design service for napkin come into being. So, our CDH-200-400 two color napkin machine is becoming more and more popular.

Selling Points
1. Smaller investment. The production of the napkin has lower requirement on the scale of the machine.
2. The simple operation, which requires less manual operation, is conducive to the reduction of the production cost.
3. Large market demand. The napkin manufactured with our color napkin machine can be used in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

1. The CDH-200-400 two color napkin machine features accurate counting, precise slitting and convenient operation.
2. Environmental protection and high safety, this range of embossing napkin equipment has passed CE certification.
3. Customized product with different patterns, or product with 2-colour printing system is available from us.

Technical Parameters
Power Supply Three-phase 380V, 50Hz
Total Power 4kW
Production Speed 500-600pcs/min (No printing)
400-450pcs/min(With printing)
Unfolded Size of Napkin 300×300mm (L×W)
Folded Size of Napkin 150×150mm (L×W)
Paper Core Diameter 76.2mm
Max. Diameter of Paper Roll 1200mm
Machine Weight 1500-1800kg
Overall Dimensions 5200×800×1600 mm (L×W×H)

Working Flow
Unwinding---Drawing paper---Slitting---Cutting---Folding---Counting and Piling up

Finished Product
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