Paper Towel Machine

    1. CDH-N-3L N Fold Hand Towel MachineConvenient and healthful, the hand towel produced with our machine is widely used in hotels, offices and kitchens. Suitable for various kinds of base paper, the embossing and slitting paper towel equipment features high speed and trim paper delivery since the folding, slitting and counting can be completed by one-through operation.
    1. CDH-V-7L V-fold Hand Towel MachineThis range of product is provided with pneumatic paper feeding system. The pattern embossed is clear. Besides the fast speed, the quantity of the output can be adjusted.
      The hand towel processing equipment is very popular due to the simple

Our company is a professional supplier for paper towel machine. Classified into N fold hand towel machine and V-fold hand towel machine, our product is widely applied for processing paper towel used in hotels, offices, kitchens due to reliable quality and stable performance. Well received by our clients, currently, our mechanical equipment has been exported to over 40 countries and regions, like Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and some others.

Besides paper towel machine, we can also manufacture wet wipe machine, wet wipe packing machine, paper prtoduct machine, etc. You are welcome to contact us for consulting service.