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V-fold Hand Towel Machine

Suitable for a wide array of base paper, the CDH-V-7L V-fold hand towel machine is mainly applied for embossing and interactively folding the hand towel into V shape. Besides convenient using, the healthful paper towel processed with our fold paper product machine can be seen in various hotels, offices and kitchens.

You can see an immediate improvement in productivity since the procedures for folding, slitting and counting are integrated. Featuring high speed and trim paper arrangement, our hand towel processing equipment is highly appraised by our client.

The CDH-V-7L V-fold hand towel machine is produced with programmable logic controller, frequency control, and human-computer interface operating system. The continuously variable transmission is used to control the front and back speed ratio, which can improve the appearance and uniformity of the finished product due to the perfect adaptation to the tension of paper.

Functions and Features
1. The CDH-V-7L V-fold hand towel machine is designed with pneumatic system to control the separation of the steel rods for paper locating. Additionally, the paper slitting is controlled by pneumatic system, as well.
2. The pneumatically controlled paper feeding system and stepless regulation speed ratio realize the tension adjustment of the base paper.
3. The Roots vacuum pump is installed for sorption system. The powerful suction intensity makes for the stable operation of the folding and embossing hand towel equipment.
4. Since the CDH-V-7L V-fold hand towel machine is provided with automatic stop system, so the operation of the product can stop automatically to avoid the paperless operation or the production of defects.
5. Installed with front and back inching switch, the base paper feeding is simpler and safer.
6. This range of product is provided with pneumatic paper feeding system. The pattern embossed is clear. Besides the fast speed, the quantity of the output can be adjusted.
7. The hand towel processing equipment is very popular due to the simple operation and outstanding performance.

Main Technical Parameters
Unfolded Size of Finished Product 200×200mm
Max. Diameter of Paper Roll 1200mm (Other sizes are available)
Material of Base Paper 35-38g/m2
Inner Diameter of Paper Core 76.2mm (Other sizes are available)
Production Speed 0-80m/min
Programming Control System PLC
Embossing Device Steel rods
Slitting System Pneumatic point cutting
Drive System Synchronous belt, continuously variable transmission
Counting System Printing ink
Power System 5.5kW
Vacuum System 37kW Roots vacuum pump
Pneumatic System 3 HP air compressor, the minimum pressure shall be no less than 5kg/cm2 (prepared by customer)
Overall Dimensions 6300×2900×1980mm (L×W×H)
Machine Weight 4000kg

Operating Process
Unwind the base paper for embossing. Then the paper shall be folded and cut by vacuum sorption of the steel rod. Finally, entire row of the finished product shall be delivered from the V-fold hand towel machine.

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