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N Fold Hand Towel Machine

The CDH-N-3L N fold hand towel machine is mainly used for embossing and interactively folding the paper into N shape. Processed with our fold hand towel machine, the following piece of paper will come out with the previous one smoothly.

Convenient and healthful, the hand towel produced with our machine is widely used in hotels, offices and kitchens. Suitable for various kinds of base paper, the embossing and slitting paper towel equipment features high speed and trim paper delivery since the folding, slitting and counting can be completed by one-through operation.

Functions and Features
1. The steel rods of the N fold hand towel machine for embossing are controlled by pneumatic system.
2. The vacuum sorption technology is adopted.
3. The pneumatic paper cutting and separation system make it easier to locate the paper on the machine for process from the base paper rack.
4. Equipped with synchronous belt drive, the transmission speed ratio is accurate and the noise during operation is low.
5. Upon request, the hand towel production machine can be configured with PLC for computer programming (Optional).

Main Technical Parameters
Max. Width of Base Paper 690mm
Max. Diameter of Paper Roll 1100mm
Unfolded Size of Finished Product 230×230mm
Production Rate 800pcs /min
Electric Power 15kW
Overall Dimensions 3000*1600*1900mm(L*W*H)
Weight 3000kg

Operating Process
1. Unwind the base paper, which will go through the steel roll for embossing.
2. Then, the paper shall be adsorbed for folding and cutting under vacuum state.
3. Finally, the entire row of handle towel will be outputted from the N fold hand towel machine in staggered order.

Finished Product
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